Dramatis Personnae: A Character Synopsis

It’s all about me apparently…

So apparently I should write up a description of me to satisfy the wanton curiosity of those people who might be reading my words!

Well, I have been enthralled by all things theatre since I was a tiny child, like many people it was a calling, a vocation and a desire to have it fill my life.  I hesitate to say obsession, but not by very much!  I trained in the theatre, and got thrown into stage management, although I did my fair share of acting and singing and when I really couldn’t avoid it dancing.  My career was in technical theatre though and I spent a good few years touring the country and some other places moving sets up and down, herding cats actors into different venues and generally trying to keep it all together.

After a while of touring I realised that I hadn’t seen my flat for 6 months and decided that it was time to settle down, a little like the Littlest Hobo at the end of the theme tune.  I plumped for a job as a production manager for a training company that runs training using theatre and I love it, almost all the time.

I try and get to the theatre a lot, mollified by money and time.

In my spare time I enjoy some Live Roleplaying (there’s probably a link to my site somewhere on here), some computer gaming style things, a bit of photography and I am an avid cook.  I also haveferrets.  Deliberately, not by accident.  Much of this probably isn’t that relevant but it fulfils a certain portion of my solipsism.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your reviews and looking through the FR site – very interesting. Would be good to catch up sometime.

  2. Hi Chris,

    This is all about you.

    I found myself thinking about you lately and I guess I’ve missed you! If you fancy: a chat / meeting up / human contact / even a little rp… give me an email.


    P.S. Bugger me if Phil hasn’t gone and got here first! This is an independent piece of stalking btw.

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