6 Degrees of Separated

So last weeks theatre trip was to see 6 Degrees of Separation at the Old Vic.  For anyone who doesn’t know it there is a wonderful film of this, adapted by the playwright and it’s almost word for word.  Watch that.  Don’t bother with the trek to the Old Vic.  As it goes I like the Old Vic.  There is something about it that is quite elegant and rather impressive about the place.

I am delaying getting to what I thought of the play because frankly I didn’t enjoy it.  I thought that the acting was in the most part grossly overhammed.  I know that stylistically this was intentional, I realise that the kids were meant to be stereotypes of how their parents see them.  But they were, it was almost comically bad, but infact it was just bad.

Lesley Manville (Ouisa) played the torn NY woman, and her part in many ways is the crux of the play  – she represents the dilemmas that the piece deals with in many ways.  But, for me, she was grating and in places as over-acted as her purple-tight wearing children.

The supporting cast (with the notable exception of the south african art dealer Geoffrey whose name I am woefully lacking) were in the same vein.  Anthony Head (and I am a huge Buffy fan) was no great shakes, although as it goes I thought his performance was more acceptable than most.

Obi Abili was credible as Paul and showed a lot of talent in his portrayal of what is quite a complex character.

I found the revolving set to be somewhat annoying (I suspect the revolve was to remind us of the 6 degrees of separation but I just found it irrirating), and the red lighting to be a bit wasted.  The giant red walls didn’t do it for me either and the revolving painting a bit of unnecessary technology.

I learnt one thing though – that I am enjoying more the lack of intervals in shows.  All power to those 1hr30 min pieces.  Sadly that’s about the best thing I can say about it.

It is worth adding that the person I went to see it with thoroughly enjoyed it.  Perhaps I was having a bad day.  Overall I would advise you to see the film.

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